Liturgical Music

Liturgical Music
Doug Byerly, Director
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St. John’s has a steady reputation for excellent worship service music from classical through gospel and modern praise and worship. Everyone is welcome to participate either in one of our choirs or simply in your worship at Holy Mass.


Cantors are scheduled for liturgies throughout the year as needed. Typically, members of the choir act as cantors during the choir Masses.

St. John Choir

The St. John’s Adult Choir sings every 9am and 11:30 am Mass throughout school year, special Feast Days, and seasonal vespers. The choir sings the complete range of sacred liturgical music from Gregorian chant to the modern day contemporary and gospel.  The choir is composed of adults ages 16 and up. No audition is necessary—this is an open and inclusive ministry.

Teen and Children’s Choir

Children in grades 3 through 9 that are developing a love for music are invited to share their talents in service to the church by participating in the children’s choir, which sings for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter seasons. This is a wonderful way to introduce children to the using their talents to the glory of God. Practices are scheduled on Wednesday evenings in weeks prior to the Liturgical celebrations.


Guitar, piano, organ, flute, trumpet, and string players are welcome to augment the rich and vibrant liturgies. Proficiency on instrument and music-reading ability is required.