Liturgical Ministries

Please contact the parish office if you’re interested in serving in any of these ministries.

Liturgy Committee

The Liturgy Committee works in consultation with the Pastor and the Pastoral Staff in the preparation and celebration of the liturgical seasons and the sacraments. Meeting on the first Monday of each month, the committee also promotes the work and training of parishioners for liturgical ministries. The committee continues to implement the work of Vatican Council II.

Contact Chris Longhenry at 410-592-2330 or


Effective proclaiming of the Word of God at the Liturgy is the responsibility of the person who serves as Reader.  During the liturgy, parishioners not only hear the Scriptures but receive them just as those first Christians did.  Anyone interested in this ministry will receive training in proper techniques and delivery. Anyone aged 14 or older is welcome.

Contact Deb Jenkins at 410-592-2493.

Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic Ministers are key laypersons within the Church. They assist the whole community in the Communion rite. Their primary obligation is to assist the priest in distributing Holy Communion. In our parish, they assist in this sacred duty at each Sunday Mass and on other occasions as needed. Anyone aged 16 or older and confirmed is welcome to apply.

Contact Chris Longhenry at 410-592-2330 or


Our ushers serve the parish at Mass. Their ministry facilitates the collection, offertory procession, Eucharist and dismissal at the conclusion of Mass. Ushers serve by keeping good order in the Church, ensure the environment is satisfactory, and assist those with special needs. Anyone in high school or older is welcome to serve this ministry.

Altar Society

The Altar Society of St. John’s is a group from the parish who offer their dedicated service to the Church.  They are involved in the life of the Church in a special way.  They assist the Pastor in maintaining the Altar, Sanctuary and Sacristy.  This includes cleaning and setting of the Altar for Services, caring for the vestments, Altar cloths, etc.  Care for the plants and flowers and decorations for special occasions are also provided.

Contact Deb Jenkins at 410-592-2493.

Altar Servers

It is a special privilege for a young person to serve at Mass. Parents should consider the serving of Mass as part of their child’s religious education and encourage their youngsters to strive to attain this goal. Youths in grade 4 and older may participate in this very special ministry.

Contact Martha Schumacher at 410-592-6206, ext. 100 or

Children’s Liturgy of the Word

The mission of CLOW or Children’s Liturgy of the Word is to celebrate the Word of God and to have children hear and relate to weekend readings in language suitable for them. CLOW is geared towards children 5 to 11. The Sunday Gospel is read, and discussion or an activity is conducted by an assigned presenter. The idea is to make the readings relative and memorable to the children and to enhance their worship experience.  The children return to the assembly in the main church during the preparation of the gifts as, together, we celebrate the Eucharist around the table as one family of faith.  Volunteer needs include:

  • Presenters – prepare a short homily/activity/discussion related to the gospel reading of the day (presenters are asked to prepare 5-6 times per year.
  • Assistants – assist in walking children to the Hall, keeping order, generally being available during the celebration.
  • Runners – “run” between the church hall and the church to keep track of the Homily upstairs, to inform the presenter when the Liturgy of the Word has concluded in the main church.
  • All must be Shield the Vulnerable certified.

Contact Melanie Hecht at 410-663-9439 or

Greeter Ministry

Greeters are prepared to welcome and assist all who arrive at the church doors for weekend Masses, thus sharing in the Christian mission of evangelization, worship, and service which, together, recognize each person as a sister or brother in Christ.

Contact the Parish Office at 410-592-6206 or

Prayer Ministry

Qualified, trained parishioners serve as compassionate intercessors for Christ by praying after Masses with anyone with specific requests or needs. They witness to scripture’s call to pray for one another.

Contact the Parish Office  at 410-592-6206 or