“The Way We Were”

From The Baltimore Sun – February 27, 1855:

The Catholic church situated on the Manor road, about 16 miles north of Baltimore and known as the “Long Green Catholic Church” was accidently destroyed by fire Sunday last [25 Feb]. The sexton had made the fires therein and about the time the congregation was assembling fire was observed to issue from the roof of the building, it having been communicated thereto from some defect in the chimney, and in a short space of time nothing was remaining of the edifice but the bare walls, there being no facilities for checking the flames. The loss is said to be about $3000, but whether covered by insurance or not we did not learn.


The Wye Oak lives! 

Did you know that a sapling of the famous Wye Oak  tree has been growing at St. John the Evangelist School?

Thanks to Mr. Bill Robel and his daughter, Terri, for telling this bit of SJE history and for personally showing us the oak tree!

It was dedicated over 40 years ago by an eighth grade graduating class under the guidance of the school’s first lay teacher, Miss Watson.