Legacy Giving

More and more Catholics are responding to the idea of giving a gift that forever perpetuates our Catholic faith. Your gift is a concrete way to express gratitude to God for a lifetime of blessings. The gift you give also establishes a lasting legacy of love for others by enabling St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church to continue the preservation and expansion of our Catholic heritage through its many ministries!

The chart below offers an explanation of the gifts that can be made and how they are of benefit both to you and to the Church. Depending on your situation, there are different ways to structure your gift so that you can receive regular income during your lifetime, save on taxes, or both!

Type of GiftBenefit to St. JohnBenefit to You
BequestBequest could be held in perpetuity and invested to fund St. John’s needs.* Possible estate tax deduction
* Opportunity to make a perpetual gift
Charitable Gift AnnuityAssets, not used to pay annuity to the donor or others, benefit St. John’s.* Guaranteed fixed income for life
* Portion of income is tax-free
* Deferred income if desired
* Possible income and estate tax deductions
Insurance PolicySt. John’s receives full-face value of policy upon death of the donor, or may receive
current surrender value prior to donor’s death.
* Income tax deduction for value of the policy when transferred
* Premium payments may be deducted as gifts
* Possible income and estate tax deductions
Charitable Remainder TrustUpon the death of the donor or last surviving income beneficiary, remaining assets benefit St. John’s. * Variable or fixed income
* Deferred income if
* Possible income and estate tax deductions
Charitable Lead GiftIncome for duration of trust helps St. John’s meet spiritual and human needs that exceed the capabilities of most parishes or schools.* At end of trust period, principal returns to donor or other beneficiaries
* Principal can pass to others with little or no shrinkage
* Possible income and estate tax deductions
Retirement/IRASignificant gift upon death of donor.* Estate and income tax savings may cover a substantial portion of the gift

To learn about the types of ministry that you could support by establishing your own legacy or to discuss the various types of giving options, please call Rev. Pete Literal, Pastor, at (410) 592-6206 x102. We recognize that many people want to help others and want to express their gratitude to God through a legacy gift, but simply do not know how to proceed. We would like to make it easy for you to make a lasting gift and receive the benefits of doing so.