September 4 – Weekly Prayer & Update

This Week’s Gospel Reflection

Sunday, September 6 – Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time
Written by Jennifer Ehrlich, Communications Coordinator
Dear Lord, in today’s readings, you show us the value and importance of relationships. Help me to find the good in those around me, to look at them and see Your face, especially in times of conflict and strife. Lead me to follow Your example to, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”
Heavenly Father, You have blessed me with a great variety of people in my life – some inspire me, while others challenge me and test my patience. Help me to grow from these relationships and recognize the gifts and needs of the people that I encounter each day.
Loving God, I humbly ask that You amplify Your voice in my heart and in my thoughts, so that when I witness injustice, I will have the courage to speak up, when it may be easier to remain silent. Please also grant me the wisdom and self-control to remain silent, when speaking up would serve no higher purpose.
Divine Creator, thank you for the gift of relationship. Let your words — “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them,” serve as a reminder that we are here to help and serve each other, working together to grow closer to You.
In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Sign Up for Mass September 5 & 6

We invite you to come back to Mass! The safety of our parishioners, volunteers, and staff is our top priority. As such, we have put important protocols and safety measures in place for your protection. Our worship space is sanitized after every Mass and we follow strict social distancing and safety measures. We also offer an outdoor Mass every Sunday at 11:30 AM (weather-permitting) in front of the Conference Center building. Come and receive the Holy Eucharist!

We encourage you to pre-register to save time when you check in at Mass (check-in not required for outdoor Mass), as well as to help us gauge attendance. Kindly sign up for Mass by 3:00 PM on Saturday, September 5. Here’s how:

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