May 23 Today’s Prayer & Update

Today’s Prayer – May 23

by Fr. Pete Literal, Pastor

Abba, Father in heaven, loving and inspiring God, we praise You and worship You, for You are faithful in all Your ways. We thank You for the encouraging words of Jesus and your apostle Paul and Apollos, reminding us to remain calm all the time, even in the midst of this pandemic. Is this one of those moments when your reign is wanting to be born within us and among us?

While we are alarmed and afraid, on this day we find Your words so comforting. While this is causing us to feel disabled, prohibited, and locked down, Your words set us free and bless us with the assurance that You love us because we believe and love Jesus, Your Son. We thank You for the blessed assurance that no one can destroy us, for we have Your protection and You are with us. We thank You, for telling us “whatever we ask You in the name of Jesus, You will grant us.” We believe that we will find joy and fulfillment in Jesus’ promise, “Ask and you will receive, so that your joy may be complete.” We believe in Jesus, who is Your Son and who came into our world that we may have life. We believe that though Jesus we will experience joy that transcends any temporary suffering and dangers we encounter now.

So now we come to You in the name of Jesus, Your Son. We call on You today to look into the troubles in our world unnerving us. In this pandemic, we have difficulty understanding how Your word works in our world. Our worldly concerns are overwhelming and fritter away our time and energy. We dull our anxieties in cheap entertainment and quick-fix pleasures. We argue and complain and question things. We simply cannot evade anymore many pleadings from others, because You taught us to care, to be compassionate. Father, help us to attune our hearts to Your heart of Jesus that we may understand and not grow weary. Because we care and feel the sufferings of others, the situations of others unsettle us also. Oftentimes we have no quick answers for them. Yes, You speak of anguish with reasons, we still seek Your help and wisdom so that we may respond powerfully and victoriously to the situations of life before us.

Take us to the day when all questions will be answered, when a similar person would come, like Paul in the first reading, who would “bring us courage and strength” or Apollos, who would “give great assistance to those who came to believe through grace.” You have the last word and Your word is always life. Help us to see the day of deliverance from this pandemic, the day of rejoicing, when all will come again and gather in church to give You honor and glory though our worship and songs.

We ask this through Christ, our Lord and Savior.


Daily readings can be found on the USCCB website here.


Today’s Update:

Pastoral Council Election 

Electronic Voting Begins Today at 10 AM and Will Be Open through 10 AM June 1

Pastoral Council Election – Voting via Electronic Ballot Opens Today at 10 AM. It’s time to cast your vote for representatives to serve on the St. John Pastoral Council. Parishioners aged 18 and older may submit ballots electronically.
Voting Open May 23-June 1
  • You may vote for up to FIVE candidates from 10 AM on Saturday, May 23 through 10 AM on Monday, June 1.
  • Candidate bios can be viewed on our website here.
  • The ballot link can be accessed here and is also available on our website at
  • For validation purposes, you will be asked to provide your email address on the ballot.
  • Each adult parishioner (18 and older) may submit one ballot.
  • Electronic voting is strongly preferred, but If you opt to cast your vote by phone instead, call Dick Walter at 410-299-6814 by Monday, June 1 at 10 AM. There are no paper ballots this year.
  • Click HERE to vote

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