June 27 Daily Prayer & Update

Today’s Prayer – June 27

by Fr. Pete Literal, Pastor

Abba, Father in heaven, Merciful and Loving God, we come to You today with thanksgiving in our hearts, for You love Your people without limit. We see Your heart in the love of Jesus shown to many people in the Scripture. Even an outsider’s unvarnished faith startles You and becomes first in Your estimation. Your Spirit blows wherever someone calls for You. We praise You and thank You, for nothing can stop Your mercy and love. You continuously show Your compassion upon those who humbly plead for Your healing touch.

Like the centurion, we are not worthy to cry out to Jesus for our needs. We plead to You today, Lord, imitating the humility of the centurion, and believing in Jesus’ power to heal. We believe we have nothing to earn Your mercy and love. “Lord, we are not worthy to have You enter under our roof, but only say the word and Your servants will be healed.”

We thank You for the healing power of Your love, freely given to us. We open up ourselves to the transforming power of Your love so that we may become more loving and holy and pleasing in Your sight. We also believe that it is Your love that can transform our situation, especially during this time of pandemic, that has caused severe challenges to Your people.

We depend on Your grace to set our lives straight and our surroundings right so that love and understanding, respect for law and order, and just treatment of all will be achieved in our world. “Only say the word and our souls shall be healed.” Help us grow strong in faith and bear even greater fruit that we may work with others to establish Your reign in our homes, families, and communities.

We ask this through Jesus Christ, Our Lord.


This prayer is created from reflection on the scriptural readings today. Pray the Sacred Scripture and be transformed in spirit and truth.

Daily readings can be found on the USCCB website here.

Today’s Update – June 27

Sunday Bulletin – This weekend’s bulletin includes information on the Parish Office Reopening, Outdoor Mass on July 12, the Drive-thru Drop-off for Frozen Casseroles and Food Pantry items on July 12 (in front of the school), and more!  For the current as well as past editions of our bulletin, click here.

Worship Music Resource – click here to view and download this Sunday’s worship music, which includes:
  • Here I Am Lord
  • MSMM Glory to God
  • Psalm 23: Shepherd Me, O God
  • MSMM Gospel Acclamation
  • Canticle of the Turning
  • MSMM Holy
  • MSMM We Proclaim Your Death
  • MSMM Amen
  • MSMM Lamb of God
  • Taste and See
(MSMM = Mass of St. Mary Magdalene)
Electronic Worship Aid Resources – In the absence of hymnals and other printed worship aids, there are several electronic resources available to help you follow along with the readings, prayers, and music. Click here to learn more on our website.