June 22 Daily Prayer & Update

Today’s Prayer – June 22

by Shawn Blair, Business Manager

Lord Jesus, we love You, we praise You, we thank You for the abundant blessings You have bestowed upon us.

You have blessed us with our brothers and sisters, yet we are too often judgmental hypocrites. We frequently point out minor flaws in others while ignoring our own major flaws. Teach us how to remove that plank from our own eye before trying to remove the splinter from our brother’s eye.

Help us to follow Your example. If You, True God and True Man, did not judge the tax collector or the prostitutes or even those who crucified You, how can we judge our brothers? Help us to realize our own faults and correct them.

O Mary Conceived Without Sin, Pray for Us Who Have Recourse to You.

Saint Anthony of Padua, Pray for Us.


Daily readings can be found on the USCCB website here.

Today’s Update – June 22

Weekend Recap  While a virtual venue for overflow capacity was available in the church hall, we were able to accommodate everyone in the church for all three Masses this weekend. Here are the attendance numbers:
  • Saturday 5 PM:  69
  • Sunday 9 AM:  69
  • Sunday 11:30 AM:  30