June 17 Daily Prayer & Update

Today’s Prayer – June 17

by Deborah Jenkins, Administrative Assistant

Sweet Sacred Heart of Jesus, today’s saint, Joseph of Cafasso, had a great love of the Blessed Sacrament, and preached the benefits of receiving the Eucharist daily. How beautiful it would be to receive Your precious Body and Blood every day but, for many of us, “circumstances” get in the way. Especially during this time of pandemic, there are many people who have lost the opportunity to receive this most valuable of Gifts!

Many of Your children’s hearts ache for this Blessed Nourishment for the body and soul. For them, and for all people everywhere who are denied the Eucharist – whatever the situation – we pray that they might be satisfied by their strong desire to receive You sacramentally. Please come spiritually into their hearts and remain with them until the day they can come to the altar of the Lord and partake of the Bread of Life. For those who are ill or disabled and must depend on someone to bring You to them in the form of the Eucharist, we pray that they would be sustained until ministers can safely return to deliver the Food for which they long!

In last Sunday’s Gospel, we are reminded of the amazing Gift we receive in the Blessed Sacrament. The gift of YOUR BODY AND BLOOD is nothing short of miraculous! We pray, Jesus, that those who once received this incredible Gift, but no longer partake, would again realize that there is no greater food than the Divine Food, which we, as Catholics, have the privilege of receiving by the institution of the Eucharist. Let us never take the True Food and True Drink for granted! May we humbly take advantage of every opportunity to receive You in the Eucharist. You promised that whoever eats this Bread will live forever! This is such an unfathomable Gift, given freely by the same Jesus, Savior of the world!

Look mercifully upon all of us, Oh Lord: forgive us our sins and make our souls a more pure and pleasing receptacle for Your precious Body and Blood.  Remain with our priests, who by their ordination and reenactment of that Passover Meal, when You instituted the Eucharist, that they may always be holy and close to You.  Be with those who bring You to the homebound or infirmed that they will always hold dear the special Gift with which they are entrusted.  May we, in awe, humbly bow down before the King of Kings when given the opportunity for adoration and benediction.

My Lord and My God, My Jesus of Mercy…I am not worthy that You should enter under my roof, but only say the word, and my soul shall be healed. Thank You for the ultimate gift of Yourself in the Eucharist! May we never become complacent, but always yearn for the next opportunity to receive You.


Daily readings can be found on the USCCB website at www.usccb.org/readings.

Daily Update – June 17

Video from Haiti – Fr. Dessalines sent a brief video (below) of face masks being handed out in St. Michel, along with an introductory note, “…Currently, we have over 4,000 Covid cases and over 80 deaths in Haiti. I continue to distribute food and masks to our parishioners.”