July 5 Prayer & Update

Today’s Prayer – July 5

by Fr. Pete Literal, Pastor

Abba, Father in heaven, Compassionate and Mighty God, Lord of heaven and earth, we praise You and thank You for entrusting us with Your Son, Jesus, who constantly invites us to come, who debunks the heavy burdens of following Him, and who teaches that His yoke is easy and light. We thank You for revealing these things to us.

Your message is very much on target for us today: it is in Christ Jesus that we will find perfect freedom and fullness of hope. Teaching us the wisdom to be yoked with Jesus is such a grace-filled opportunity that we need to embrace and live. Stir in our hearts the strong desire to accept the invitation of Jesus into union not just with Him, but with You, Father, and thus with the Holy Spirit.

Responding to Your invitation, dear Jesus, we come to You because we, too, are heavily laden with much concern at home, in our communities, and in our world. We see in You the compassionate and merciful Father, assuring us that Your yoke is easy and light. Help us to take up Your yoke and to follow Your example, so that we can walk steadily and journey joyfully through life. Whatever our problems and burdens may be, please encourage us to share them with You and remove the doubts that You will carry our tiredness, sufferings, or difficulties of all sorts.

Confident of Your compassion, we intercede for all the families of St. John the Evangelist Church in Long Green Valley, particularly those who continue to walk alone and remain “unyoked” from You and us. Make them understand that taking Your yoke does not limit or take away their freedom, but instead shepherds them to perfect freedom and fullness of hope.

We ask this through Jesus Christ, Our Lord.


Pray the daily Sacred Scripture and be transformed in spirit and truth.

Daily readings can be found on the USCCB website here.

Today’s Update – July 5

Parish Office Reopens Tomorrow!

Beginning Monday, July 6, the parish office will be open from 8:00 AM – 12 PM Monday through Friday. In order to safely resume operations, there are protocols that we must follow, including:

  • Visitors should make an appointment before coming to the parish office.
  • Visitors must take their temperatures at home before coming to the parish office. (If you aren’t feeling well or have a temperature of 100 degrees F or higher, please stay home.)
  • Visitors must wear a face covering from the time they leave their vehicles until they return to their vehicles.
  • The inner set of office entrance doors will remain locked; visitors should ring the doorbell and wait for a staff member to let them in.
  • Visitors must sign-in and sign-out at the service window between the lobby and the front office so that we have a record of who has been in the building.
  • Visitors should remain in the lobby until a staff member comes to escort them.
  • Visitors should not congregate in or around the parish office.
  • Proper social distancing must be maintained at all times.
  • We ask that if purchasing a Mass card ($10 each for regular size; $15 for large) that you have the exact amount in cash or a check previously made out to St. John Church.
  • For prayer shawls, kindly call the parish office to arrange in advance.

We look forward to reopening the office, even with reduced daily hours at this time! Office phone number:  410-592-6206

Weekly Prayers & Updates Begin on Friday, July 10

Now that the parish office will be open Monday-Friday, 8 AM – 12 PM, updates and prayers will be posted on a weekly basis on Fridays. The next post will be on Friday, July 10.