July 24 – Weekly Prayer & Update

This Week’s Gospel Reflection

Sunday, July 26  – Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

by Theresa Konitzer, Director of Religious Education

Heavenly Father, You who are the author of all that is good. Thank You for the many gifts and treasures I discover and those of which I am not aware. Lord, You know that in my younger years, I spent most of my time acquiring things. There were times that I thought that if I only had this or that, perhaps I would be happier, or the object I was seeking would make life easier for me. After acquiring that item, I would be satisfied for a brief time. However, before long I would be on to the next thing that I just had to have.

It appears my insatiable appetite for acquiring things would only temporarily fill the void in my heart. No matter what I processed, or how many letters I acquired behind my name, nothing can fulfill me the way You do.  As I age, I am more aware that happiness and fulfillment does not come with monetary wealth, but only with having You in my life do I find true happiness and fulfillment. It is only when I focus on the love You have for me as well as the ways in which I can spread that love to others that I find the true treasure that You give to me through Your sacrifice. It is only then that I find the Kingdom of God. I adore You and give thanks to You my Heavenly Father.  Amen.

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