July 10 – Weekly Prayer & Update

This Week’s Gospel Reflection

Sunday, July 12  – Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

by Colleen Sisolak, Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministry

Good and Gracious Father, how blessed we are to see so many signs of Your hands at work in our lives and our St. John community. With the beginning of an outdoor Mass, we welcome back those who’ve been hesitant to return to inside celebrations. This week, we also take the time to look directly and deliberately at what ministries may be able to resume in person meetings and connection. These signs of “normalcy” remind us of the many gifts You have provided in the community and in our personal relationship with You.

We hear You, Lord Jesus, as You speak to us through parables. These stories help us to understand the Father and how to be with Him and You and the Holy Spirit forever. In today’s parable, the Sower and the Seed, we are reminded not simply that there are many who begin to hear and follow but will turn away for many reasons, but also that those who truly are followers must also produce fruit.

This call to produce fruit is not just simply a way to end the parable, but a call to action. We are called to share the message of Christ with all. We are empowered and sent to bring others to the Lord. Help us, heavenly Father, to be mindful for this call so that all that we do, all that we say, all that we are is about sharing and glorifying the love of Your Son, Jesus. We are to continue His work until the day He returns. This is a challenge, but one for which You have given us every gift we need to complete.

As we continue to see signs of hope, we ask You, heavenly Father, to give us the strength we need to share that hope with others. For we know that hope in You is never empty, but that Your promise is real and true and that you are faithful to complete it.


Sign Up for Mass July 11-12

We encourage you to pre-register for Mass to save time when you check in at Mass, as well as to help us gauge attendance. Kindly sign up for Mass by Saturday, July 11 at 3:00 PM.  Here’s how:
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