Electronic Worship Aids

In the absence of hymnals and other printed worship aids, there are several electronic resources available to help you follow along with the Mass, prayers, and music.

myParish App

The myParish App is a FREE resource that parishes in the Archdiocese make available to parishioners. The app includes a “Worship” button with all the readings and prayers for each Sunday Mass, as well as the weekly bulletin, daily SJE prayers, and more.  The app can be downloaded in your smart device’s app store – search for “MyParish.”  Once downloaded, you’ll see the “myParish” icon on your device. An iPhone example is below:

Open the app, and you’ll see a list of nearby parishes to select from, or you can search for a parish.

Select “St. John the Evangelist – Long Green Valley.”

The Home Screen for the app looks like this, with various category buttons to explore…to return to the app’s homescreen, tap the icon with four squares in the upper right corner:


When you tap on the “Worship” button, you’ll see a list of dates to choose from…you’ll then have access to that’s week’s readings and prayers. For the weekly Worship Music Resource, see below.



St. John Worship Music Resource

Each Sunday, St. John also produces a Worship Music Resource, which includes the music selections for the week, as well as the Profession of Faith (Nicene Creed), and the Act of Spiritual Communion prayer.  The Worship Resource is available on the app (details below), or you can also click here to view the St. John Worship Music Resource on our website.

To access the SJE Worship Music Resource on the myParish app, select the “Parish Info” button on the app’s homescreen, then choose “St. John Worship Resource.”


We hope you find these resources helpful during this time!