All of us are happy to welcome you to our community. We are an historic Catholic parish – the oldest in Baltimore County and we are very proud of our heritage. We are even more proud of our community spirit. St. John the Evangelist is a warm family of faith and we are happy that you have become part of the family!

As you enter into our community you will quickly discover that we have an active life of worship, learning and service – the three fundamental areas of parish life. The pages of this folder will describe the life and ministry of St. John’s. I hope you will choose to be part of our ministries. When you do so you will meet us on a personal level and become more deeply rooted in the community of faith. That is when church life is the richest it can be, so I encourage you to be active here.

No matter how you choose to be present among us, remember that the single most important aspect of your faith-life is your faithful attendance at the Sunday Mass. Here is where the entire community gathers at the table of the Lord, and here is where you will be nourished by prayer and sacrament. It is impossible to truly belong to the faith community unless you are one with us in our weekly gathering for the Holy Eucharist. As the Second Vatican Council taught us, the Eucharist is the source and summit of all of prayer. The very first step in rooting yourself in a Christian community is to root yourself in the community’s weekly Eucharist.

When you come to Mass I hope you will introduce yourself to me and mention that you read this letter of welcome. I look forward to your presence with us!

Rev. Pete D Literal, Pastor