September 11 – Weekly Prayer & Update

This Week’s Gospel Reflection

Sunday, September 13 – Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Written by Deborah Jenkins, Administrative Assistant

Forgiveness, Lord!  We all recognize that we must ask God for forgiveness for times in our lives when we have chosen an action that separates us from Him. We ask forgiveness and, as long as we truly mean it from the heart, our Savior, in all His wondrous mercy, will forgive our transgressions completely!

In Sunday’s Gospel, we hear of a man who has shown mercy to a servant indebted to him. After receiving that act of mercy, the servant then goes out seeking someone indebted to him and shows that man no mercy at all!  My dear Jesus, I come before you, yet again, asking for Your forgiveness. Please show me Your mercy, not only for the times I have injured our relationship by an unkind thought, a harshly spoken word, putting other people or things above You, neglecting those I could help by sharing my time, talent and treasure, coveting something that doesn’t belong to me, not speaking up when I hear Your Name used in vain, for the times I’ve been less than forgiving to one of Your children, and for all my offenses, my merciful Savior.

Jesus, my Lord, in the Gospel for this Sunday, You tell us we must forgive those who offend us, not seven times, but seventy-seven times. Please give me a spirit of forgiveness – that same spirit of forgiveness I beg of You!  When I hold on to anger or hurt feelings, when I stubbornly refuse to accept an apology and continue to let bitterness hinder my acceptance of someone else’s request for forgiveness, may I be reminded that You offer unconditional love, unfathomable mercy and total forgiveness, if we are truly remorseful.

You never grow weary of my pleas for Your understanding and requests for Your mercy. May I never deny forgiveness to those who seek it from me. Through the Immaculate Heart of Your mother, Mary, and the gentleness of Your earthly father, St. Joseph, I ask that You continue to show me mercy, forgiveness and Your never-ending love.


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