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Winter 2021 Haiti News Newsletter

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June 16, 2020 Note and Video from Haiti

From Fr. Dessalines:  “…Currently, we have over 4000 Covid cases and over 80 deaths in Haiti.
I continue to distribute food and masks to our parishioners.”


June 2020 Update from Haiti
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Spring 2020 Haiti News

Even the remote village of St. Michel has been impacted by COVID-19. Be sure to read the latest Haiti News, published May 2020, below (click image to enlarge).


With the beginning of the Archdiocesan Haiti Outreach Project, there came an opportunity for local parishes to enter into a specific relationship with a sister parish and to offer spiritual and material help. St. John’s has been involved with partner parishes to provide financial support, emergency hurricane relief, and subsidized education of the 1,000 school children in four schools, as well as providing a morning meal five times per week for all of these children.

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How Can You Help?

There is a dedicated Poor Box collection for our sister parish quarterly. As always, your generosity is most sincerely appreciated, both by our brothers and sisters in Haiti and by the Haiti Committee.  If you would like to contribute to helping feed and educate the children of St. Michel parish, please send your check payable to “Saint John Catholic Church” to:

Jim Taneyhill
SJE Haiti Committee
13305 Long Green Pike
Hydes  MD  21082

February 3, 2017

“Today is the Feast of Saint Blaise. We celebrated a Mass with the pupils, the teachers and the parents. After the Mass we made a small reception. In the afternoon there was a nice football game. It was really interesting. Let me tell you that all this has been achieved thanks to your support. I don’t cease to thank you for so many benefits to the children of the parish of Saint Michel de L’Attalaye.”

September 26, 2016

“Pictures of the reopening of classes. A tornado occurred in our community last Friday there was no loss in human life but there are many roofs of houses that were destroyed by the wind.”

September 2016

“Thanks to you, back to school this year is different from the others. We have new benches, new rooms for children, a playground, books and so much more.”

August 2016

April 2016

New Desks

April 2016

Religious Activities

Start of 2015 School Year

A Few Weeks into the School Year

Women’s Groups

Jim Taneyhill
SJE Haiti Committee
13305 Long Green Pike
Hydes  MD  21082