Garden Club

garden club

The Garden Club works in conjunction with the Facilities Committee. The main focus of this ministry is gardening!  Established in 2009, the Garden Club is focused on the improvement and maintenance of our church and school gardens. We aim to work in a timely manner rather than working hard to rectify problems. (Mulching is taken care of by the parish maintenance staff).

We work as needs arise in our own time. An hour or two per month April through October is a huge help. We are busiest after Easter when we begin planting the potted plants from the Easter altar; late spring we plant annuals and tidy up. Fall we rake and trim. As a group, we meet to socialize, swap ideas, and plant three times per year.

We welcome new members who are willing to donate their time and talents in the beautification of our campus.

Contact Mary Duffy at 410-937-1090,
– or –
Debbie Carroll 410-557-0961