May 24 Daily Prayer & Update

Today’s Prayer – May 24

by Fr. Pete Literal, Pastor

Abba, Father in heaven, source and giver of life, we praise You and glorify You, for promising that You will be with us when we become Your witnesses to the ends of the world. Today we rejoice for the Ascension of Jesus, our Lord, to where You are; for today is the beginning of Jesus’ promise that He will send us the Holy Spirit, our Advocate. While He is now needed at Your side, He remains with us through His teaching and encouraging words in the communities He has established. We rejoice for the words He spoke to us before ascending to You in glory. He reminds us that He did not rise from the dead simply to resume His work as before, but to provide us a vision, a passion, and to inspire us of His daily presence when we live the mission You entrusted to us, as followers in our own right.

Now that You commission Your plan to us to be Your witnesses, to make disciples, and to teach all that You commanded us, we thank You for that amazing display of Your confidence in us and among us. Help us to understand this sacred trust that we may abide in Your love. Like some followers of Jesus in the reading today, we find ourselves simply onlookers, admiring people and cheering heroes from the sidelines. Feeling convicted that what we are doing is not enough, please help us with the power of Your presence. Help us to be energized and moved by the things You do, especially now that we are still dealing with this pandemic. Help us to be fully inspired that we may take over and continue the mission You have entrusted for the world. Grant us a complete trust in You and in Your plan for our world.

Our current situation freezes us, frightens many, and is creating a new normal that is contrary to what we want to be as Your vibrant and welcoming faith community. This is the time we seek the demonstration of Your blessed power to melt away the negative impacts of this pandemic to our health, economy, psychology, and to our church ministry. The restrictions prevent us from doing things we wish to do for You and Your mission. Deliver us from the evil of this pandemic.

Assured of Your blessed presence in us and among us, we thank You, Father, for the promise that You will be with us at all times, for the gift of understanding that guides us to know Jesus and Your plan. We thank You for the Holy Spirit, who leads us to know that everything related to this commissioning mission comes from You.

We ask this through Christ, our Lord and Savior.


Pray the Sacred Scripture and be transformed in spirit and truth.

Daily readings can be found on the USCCB website here.


Today’s Update

Our Daily Bread Casserole & St. Elizabeth of Hungary Food Pantry Drop-Off June 7, 8:30-11:30 AM
  • Once again this month, we will be coordinating the drop-off of both the frozen casseroles for Our Daily Bread as well as non-perishable food items for the St. Elizabeth of Hungary Food Pantry.
  • Last month, we must have broken a few SJE records with 262 bags of food and 155 casseroles! Thank you to everyone who donated!
  • The drop-off day will be Sunday, June 7 from 8:30-11:30 AM in the church parking lot. Volunteers for both efforts will have their cars parked near the bell tower for drop-off, and will remove your donated items from your vehicle.
  • While we do not yet know when Baltimore County will lift restrictions on religious services, regardless of the status of church reopening on June 7, the drop-off will be outside in the parking lot for both casseroles and pantry items.
  • For safety’s sake, please wear a facial mask when dropping off.
  • Our Daily Bread
    • Please place the frozen casseroles in the trunk of your vehicle, and when arriving at SJE to drop off, simply pull up where the volunteers are waiting near the bell tower. Volunteers will then remove the frozen casseroles from your trunk, so there is no need to exit your vehicle.
    • Disposable pans and printed recipes are available in a bin outside the parish office.
    • The recipe can also be downloaded here.
    • When making casseroles, please ensure that the chicken is thoroughly cooked, particularly around the bone.
  • St. Elizabeth of Hungary Food Pantry 
    • Place your non-perishable donations in the trunk of your vehicle, and when arriving at SJE to drop off, simply pull up where the volunteers are waiting near the bell tower.
    • Stay in your vehicle, and volunteers will then transfer the groceries from your trunk to a volunteer’s vehicle.
    • Any non-perishable food item will be gratefully accepted.
    • Volunteers will deliver the donations to the Food Pantry located on Lakewood and Baltimore Streets.
For additional resources and prior updates, visit the “Resources During the COVID-19 Pandemic” page here.