May 17 Daily Prayer & Update

Today’s Prayer – May 17

by Fr. Pete Literal, Pastor

Abba, Father in heaven, we come singing glory to Your Name, Most Loving and Most High God. We praise You and thank You for teaching us the power of love. Your love is great, and Your presence empowers us to keep Your commands. Awesome are You for giving us Your Holy Spirit, who assures us of Your presence always and empowers us to love others, because Jesus loves us first.

We thank You for Your love and the Holy Spirit who teaches us of all that Jesus has said and done for His disciples. We thank You for this same Holy Spirit who represents the continuous presence of Jesus in our world and guides us in the way to all truth. Continue to help us become open and responsive to Your promptings, always.

We praise You and thank You for the inspiration of the Holy Spirit who teaches us that if we love Jesus, then we will continue to be the voice for the voiceless, the grieving, the abandoned, and the persecuted. In this time of pandemic, this love for You empowers us to remain loving of each other, especially when this shelter-in-place situation is causing stress and burdens in our human relationships.

Now You make us understand that Jesus’ ministry of love does not end with His death, but continues to be carried out through us, the Church. Challenge us daily, as the St. John faith community, to love and care for one another, even when the situation is difficult or even unbearable.

We are glad, Father, for the assurance that we are never alone when we love. We feel Jesus is with us when we carry our ministry in love, especially when it is difficult. Truly, He sends His spirit to abide with us, to make us patient and understanding, and resolute. With the grace of the Holy Spirit, we see the great potential of what we can do and what we can become – as powerful witnesses of the Resurrection and shepherds leading others to Your door.

Now we place in Your hands all our concerns about the pandemic, our future, and our current financial situation – things that are not yet clear to us. Praying with Your word for Your guidance, we turn our hearts to You and ask for the light of the Holy Spirit to help us discern Your will in situations where we need Your help. Send Your Holy Spirit to remind us, to teach us all we need to know, and to assist us how Jesus would want us to love one another.

We ask this through Christ, our Lord and Savior.


Pray the Sacred Scripture and be transformed in spirit and truth.

Daily readings can be found on the USCCB website here.

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