Living the Eucharist – Lent 2016

Be sure to sign up for Living the Eucharist, a six-week Lenten Program.

Adults, teens, and families will receive well-designed booklets meant for small group gatherings.

Adult groups are encouraged to form in neighborhood homes. Why? Given the uncertainty of winter weather, local home groups would have more flexibility to reschedule. The parish will help in the formation of specific groups. Contact Sister Carol to ask about groups.

Be renewed this Lent using any or all of these resources:

  • weekly handouts about Mass and prayer
  • daily meditation guides
  • small group booklets
  • family booklets

Living the Eucharist is designed to deepen your experience of Eucharist. During sessions—adults, teens, or families— will share faith through discussion and prayer based on one of the Sunday Scriptures.

Click HERE to download and print the sign-up form.

See an overview of group sessions and great testimonies at