“Live Lent!” Sign up for a Small Faith-Sharing Group

Make This Lent About What You Do, Not What You Don’t Do!

During the coming Lenten season, instead of depriving yourself of some type of food or form of entertainment, join a small group for six weeks and participate in Live Lent, an opportunity to read Scripture and share your faith with some of your fellow parishioners. Small groups will meet for 90 minutes once a week via Zoom.

The faith-sharing also provides meditations for you to use on the other days of Lent. It’s a great way to make Lent a more meaningful season as you prepare to celebrate the Resurrection.

Sign up for a small group; there are multiple days and times to choose from. Contact Colleen Sisolak sisolakmc@sjehydes.org with questions.

Choose a small group and sign up here!