Lenten Mission: March 15-16

2020 Lenten Mission

Faithful Disciple – Loving Devotion with David Sanborn

Join us on March 15-16 for a special Parish Mission with David Sanborn, former Protestant Minister, now Catholic, and a youth minister at St. Ignatius, Hickory, as he guides us through God’s call for us and how to live out that call. Day 1 “Call” – Sunday, March 15: 12:30 PM Lunch in the hall/1:30 PM Mission in the church. Day 2 “Response” – Monday, March 16: 7:00 PM Mission in the church.

Before the retreat, be sure to take the Spiritual Gifts Survey to discover your own spiritual gifts.

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About David Sanborn


The New York Times has said that Sanborn “draws from a seemingly
limitless well of feeling.” That well, according to Sanborn, is the unmerited love of God. Hundreds of thousands of people throughout the USA (plus countless more on 5 continents) know Sanborn most for his portrayals of Jesus Christ in THE MIRACLE and also in YESHUA, and the title roles in JUDAH BEN-HUR and KING DAVID, off-Broadway, and for starring in the movie, THE INVESTIGATOR. Sanborn then studied and prepared to become a missionary and then a Protestant pastor. While preaching a series on the Gospel of John through the lens of the early Church Fathers, Sanborn encountered the reality of the Catholic Church. Received into the Church on the eve of the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, Sanborn left behind his life and credentials as a pastor and joined the Broadway tour of “Amazing Grace,” until  the door opened for him to minister in the Catholic Church. Along with his wife, Victoria, he now serves as the Youth & Young Adult Minister at St. Ignatius, Hickory. They have one son…so far.