June 10 Daily Prayer & Update

Today’s Prayer – June 10

by Deborah Jenkins, Administrative Assistant


In today’s reading from 1Kings 18:20-39, the Lord proves to the people of Israel that He is God of all through the use of fire. When God provides the fire for the offering of the Israelites, and Baal, the god of some of the people, fails to provide flames for their offering, they all fall to the ground crying: “The Lord is God of all!”  At  Pentecost, the apostles witness the Holy Spirit descending upon them as tongues of fire as they receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. On the road to Emmaus, the travelers, when they realized they were walking with Christ, ask themselves, “Were our hearts not burning within us?”  Fire can be a destructive force, as we’ve seen in the last few weeks, or fire can be enlightening and enriching! 

Dear Lord of Heaven and Earth, there are so many fires, so much destruction in the world today, and it’s frightening!  So much unrest, hurt, distrust, anger, frustration and even violence.  Then there are the fires we try to put out in our own lives – juggling working from home, and being the teachers for our children at the same time; feeling confined and isolated at times, yet fearing to expose ourselves to the rest of the world by a simple trip to the store. Businesses, as well as lives, have been ruined by the fires of rage. Sometimes it’s hard to even see through the smoke to know what to do.

God of majesty and love, we need You! Please clear the smoke that encircles our uncertainty and doubt about what will be. Our world seems to be turned upside down and too often we feel that it’s all up to us!  We don’t even realize that beyond the smoke and flames, You are waiting there for us!  Thank You for sending the Holy Spirit upon us with invaluable gifts that, if we accept and use them, will provide the answers we so urgently seek!  We cannot do this on our own!  We cannot put out the flames of inequality, injustice and hate alone. However, through fire, You proved that You are all powerful, God of all creation. We need to bring You back into every aspect of our lives!  We need to walk the walk with You and put You first in our lives and in our hearts.

Help us, Your children, remember that it is not You who have walked away from us, but we who’ve lost sight of You. Everything will become clear, as long as we always walk the road with You. Be with us Lord!  May our hearts always be on fire for You and our faith so that You can work, through us, for the betterment of all mankind and towards the ultimate goal of everlasting life with You! 

Jesus, I trust in You!

Daily readings can be found on the USCCB website here.

Today’s Update – June 10

Update from Haiti

Below is the translation of a recent email from Fr. Dessalines, pastor of our sister parish in Haiti, along with some recent photos. Your prayers and support for our brothers and sisters in need are very much appreciated.

Right now, the situation is stable in St. Michel de l’Attalaye, but in contrast the pandemic continues to attack us considerably.  We have more than 2,500 confirmed cases across Haiti and 50 deaths.  In the parish, we continue to raise awareness of the situation through our radio station the Voice of the Archangels, we continue distributing dry goods, we are distributing masks, and we celebrate Mass in small groups while sending it across the radio waves.  As for the school year, the government has assured us that the school year will continue, and I am carefully safeguarding the funds you send so that we can finish the school year.  Thanks and see you soon.