“Humanae Vitae” 50th Anniversary is July 25

Humanae Vitae

“God’s truth is eternal…the dissent, the difficulties in receiving it is temporary.” – Mary Rice Hasson, panelist in this video

This video gives some context around the time of the release of Humanae vitae, now in its 50th year after its issuance by Bl. Pope Paul VI. It also offers hope that God’s truth is eternal and that the richness of the Catholic teaching on love and sexuality is just what the world is looking for because everyone wants to be loved and not to be used as an object.

With the 50th anniversary of Humanae vitae approaching on July 25, 2018, taking some time to read and reflect on this short encyclical letter again, or perhaps for the first time, might be a good plan for the summer. Perhaps we can all ask ourselves, how can we share the beauty of the message this encyclical proclaims: that we are made to be loved as human persons, not used or discarded as objects, with those around us?