God Is Definitely A Ravens Fan

God Is Definitely A Ravens Fan

Yesterday the Baltimore Ravens gave us the most exciting football game imaginable! Nearly everyone who came to Mass at St. John church this morning was glowing with euphoria. And many had comments about the game. Here is my own comment. Yesterday’s game is proof positive of two things. 1) The words of the angel Gabriel to Mary are absolutely true: “Nothing is impossible for God.” 2) God is definitely a Ravens fan.

There is another little lesson to be learned from yesterday’s game. It is a lesson in humility. In the last minutes of the regular fourth quarter, when the Broncos were ahead, the TV commentators were waxing eloquent about the Broncos and were dismissing the Ravens. Their analysis seemed correct. They had all the reasons why the Broncos were about to win. But then came those last 30 seconds when the game turned around. Everything the sportscasters were saying seemed to fall apart. Did I even catch a pause of stunned silence from the broadcast team?

We all like to think we are endowed with great wisdom. We do like to speak as if we have the words of truth and insight. But only God has the last say about anything. So often when we are speaking out, sure of our ideas and positions, we end up looking foolish because we were so far off base. The TV and radio personalities could all do with a strong dose of a humility pill in their coffee before they go on the airwaves. And in fact, so could we all.

Having said that, may the all-powerful God, who surely is a Ravens fan, guide the team to victory. Go Ravens!