FREE access to online FORMED resources for Lent!

For this Lenten season, we’re pleased to announce the availability of FORMED, an online service for accessing thousands of Catholic videos, audios and ebooks On Demand anytime, anywhere!

As a parishioner, you will have access to entertaining movies, inspiring audio talks, informative Bible studies, and much more. We are providing this resource free of charge to help our parishioners learn and grow in their faith. So please join us.

We hope you will enjoy this special gift and please spread the word to others.

To sign up for FREE, just visit us here:

It’s easy to set up a free account! ┬áVisit, then click “Register Now” and enter your name, email, zip code, create a password (minimum of 8 characters, including letters, numbers, and at least one special character, such as @, !, etc.), then click “Create Account.” ┬áThat’s it!