Chapel Open Weekdays for Private Prayer

The Archdiocese has approved us to move to the “Archdiocese Phase 1,” meaning that St. John Chapel will be open for private prayer/devotion, confessions, baptisms, weddings, and funerals, as long as the 10-person limit inside the chapel is observed.

Starting Tuesday, May 19:

St. John Chapel will be open for private prayer:
  • Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 12 Noon (beginning Tuesday, May 19).
  • Confessions will be offered by appointment only, and will not be held in the confessionals. The location will be determined by the pastor at the time you make the request. Please email the parish office at to make arrangements.
  • Mass will continue to be celebrated without the faithful present.
  • Sunday Mass will still be live-streamed at 9 AM on Facebook.
Before coming to the chapel, please:
  • Bring a mask. We ask that cloth (or more advanced) masks are worn at all times inside the chapel.
  • Take your temperature before you leave home. If you have a fever, please do not come. If you are feeling sick in any way, please stay home.
  • Use the restroom at home in order to minimize the number of people sharing this public space.
When you arrive:
  • Please enter through the door with your mask on, and wear your mask the entire time.
  • Please observe the seat markings in the pews to ensure the required social distancing of 6 feet minimum.
  • Before you leave the chapel, please wipe the area where you sat with a sanitizing wipe. A container of sanitizing wipes will be on the table by the door.
  • A staff member will check the chapel to ensure proper distancing and hygiene protocols are followed.
  • We will have hand sanitizer available in various locations – please use it liberally.