Just Can’t Wait

Just Can’t Wait

Fifteen days ’til Christmas. Just can’t wait!

At least that was the considered opinion of the Kindergarten class that came to Mass this morning. It was a unanimous opinion, too. Not a single one felt otherwise, and I am right there on the same page with them. Of course, my reasoning might be just a bit different from theirs. The days leading up to Christmas are the busiest of the year for me, exepting Holy Week. And by the time Masses of Christmas Eve and Midnight Mass and Christmas day have all been celebrated and all my parish family has been greeted I am more than happy that Christmas afternoon has come. At last it time to relax and actually enjoy the feast!

Today’s Kindergarten class had a different idea in mind. When I mentionned that Christmas was only 15 more days away their eyes actually sparkled and the grins on their faces were the most genuine imagineable. They know something great is coming soon. That attitude of joyful expectation is the most genuine of all Christian attitudes. We believers look for the Lord of Glory to come again, and until He does we live in hope for the reign of peace and justice He will at last establish. The very thought of it ought to make our eyes sparkle and our faces light up with a happy grin.

I think the children have it right.

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