Advent Invitation Sundays


Responding to our vision of leading all to Jesus Christ, we encourage you to play the “host” of all Masses during the Advent Season.  Invite families, friends, and neighbors to join us in the Mass Celebration.  Much of what we wish to accomplish is to gather all our people to hear the Word of Jesus and encounter Him in the Holy Eucharist.  We believe the Holy Presence of God in the Eucharist is real and miraculous.  It can melt away all ugliness of life and transform the lives of people. We are asked to bring someone to Him and let Him bless, heal, and restore the good life that He gives us.

1st Sunday:         We invite all children of our parish

2nd Sunday:        We invite all expectant mothers

3rd Sunday:        We invite single parents

4th Sunday         We invite all grandparents and foster parents

We hope to see all members of your family on December 29 when we celebrate the Feast of the Holy Family and families will receive a special blessing.

The listing of prayers for each week can be found here.