Pastoral Council

Council members work in conjunction with the pastor, parish staff, commissions, and committees, to oversee ministries and programs that serve the parish, Archdiocese, and universal Church. 

They set and direct the on-going long range plan and vision of the parish, in conjunction with the various parish commissions and committees, and coordinate its implementation and assessment. They meet on the second Monday of the month at 7 p.m.

It is part of our mission to “live and share” the Good News of Jesus Christ.

All parishioners are invited to discern serving as a parish leader. The Parish Pastoral Council will help you prayerfully discern where to best use your God-given talents, and will provide training for effective servant leadership.

2019-2020 Pastoral Council Roster:

Reverend Pete Literal Pastor

(2 Year Term – voting)

Ray Dietz
Dale Edmunds
Robert Lloyd
Pat Martino
Nancy Meeder
Regina Miller
Jacqui Peterson
Kathleen Phillips
Joshua Pippin
Richard Siejack
Richard Walter
John Ward

(1 Year Term – voting)

Julie Claycomb
Sally Ensor
Ginny Franke
Ted Hartka
Christine Longhenry
Jessica Rhoten
Jacob Snyder
Susan Whitmore
Paul Wimmer

(Ex Officio – non-voting)

Barbara Hickman
Mike Lynch

(Ex Officio – non-voting)

Shawn Blair – Business Manager
Sr. Carol Czyzewski, F.S.S.J.  – Adult Faith Formation
Christine Blake – School Principal
Theresa Konitzer – Director of Religious Education
Colleen Sisolak – Coordinator of Youth and Young Adult Ministry
Doug Byerly – Director of Music

To contact the Parish Council, email: