May 20 Daily Prayer & Update

Today’s Prayer – May 20
by Deborah Jenkins, Administrative Assistant
“Let Mary never be far from your lips and from your heart. Following her, you will never lose your way. Praying to her, you will never sink into despair. Contemplating her, you will never go wrong.” -St. Bernardine of Siena
Blessed and holy St. Bernardine, we celebrate you today. You, the patron of chest, breathing and respiratory problems, please pray for all who are suffering from these issues in any way, especially because of COVID-19.
St. Bernardine, you so beautifully expressed what we strive for in our relationship with Mary, the Mother of God. We can never go wrong seeking Our Lady’s intercession in matters of trouble, despair, helplessness, and concern. Please pray for us and guide us to turn to her for all our needs. During this month, when we honor Mary, the mother of our Savior, your words ring so true. We will never lose our way, sink into despair or go wrong when we turn to our Blessed Mother, no matter what needs we may have.
Oh, Mary, Queen of Heaven, be our help and salvation. Wrap us in your love, protect us with your mantle, guide us with the gentle light that emanates from your pure and immaculate heart. When we become consumed in the troubles and concerns of our lives, graciously hear and answer our pleas for your protection and guidance. Watch over us with the tender love you showed for your child, Jesus.
Pray for us, that your Son would be with us just as you steadfastly stood at the foot of the cross in your most painful moment. As Jesus honored your request at Cana, we trust He will answer your petition on behalf of us, your humble servants. Therefore, we implore you to remain steadfast by our sides, guiding us in our daily lives that we might live according to God’s holy will. Guard us from all that would harm us – physically, emotionally, spiritually. Steer us from anything that would separate us from your beloved Son. Finally, be with us at the hour of our death at which time, by His love, His mercy and His grace, we will joyously enter the Kingdom of God and live eternally with you, St. Bernardine and all the angels and saints.
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Pastoral Council Election Coming Up

Voting Open May 23-June 1
Be on the lookout this weekend for more information on the upcoming Pastoral Council Election, which will be held electronically this year. Bios of the candidates have been in the weekly bulletin since May 3 – to access the current and archived bulletins, click here. You will be asked to vote for up to five candidates.

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